Angelo B.M. Corrubia (1881-1943)

Angelo B.M. Corrubia worked as a successful architect and painter in St Louis during the first half of the twentieth century.  He holds a unique contribution to the city in that he designed several well-known buildings as an architect and as a painter, documented existing neighborhoods.  

This catalog includes 117 works by Corrubia that were preserved by his grandson, Angelo and his wife Stacie, who both currently work as engineers in St Louis.  We are grateful for their help in providing information and images of the artist.  

Upon viewing the catalog of Corrubia’s work, you will notice influences and similarities to other more well-known St Louis painters, such as Kathryn Cherry, F.O. Sylvester, Frank Nuderscher and Tom Barnett.  In fact, Corrubia and Barnett were friends and Barnett himself was an architect and painter.  Corrubia painted neighborhoods near where he lived in De Baliviere, as well as scenes of midtown and downtown St Louis.  Like Nuderscher, he made painting trips into the Missouri Ozarks, to Arcadia in Iron County.  His earliest works are of Italy, where he was born, and he executed a few harbor scenes in New England while attending M.I.T.